2018‑04‑14 – 09H30 (UTC+1) : The Chemical Weapons…

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Today, they (FR US UK) launched an attack on Syria for accusing it of using chemical weapon on it’s own people, without real prove, because the attack could have been launched by a obscure and hidden states…

Well it is very strange because in Belgium (N.A.T.O. member), everyday they use chemical miniaturized pharmaceutical {poison in Greek) weapons / waffen وفاة فان called anti‑psychotic {anti‑spirit, remove soul} & {cata‑leptic} neuro‑leptic {diminish / loss of neuron} better known as endocrinian perturbator or nerve agents (the molecule are similar and use the same toxic elements), on their own peoples and strangers, to disable and handicap the detained, interned, imprisoned, delictuous, criminals, anormals, debiles (dumb, stupid, moron), “capable of doing” & enemies of state (blacklisted) and also innocents calumniated / defamed by fake accusatory who work for or collaborate with them…

1 JUILLET 1964. – Loi de défense sociale à l’égard des anormaux et des délinquants d’habitude

(NOTE : Loi modifiant la loi du 09-04-1930 portant le même intitulé voir : 1930-04-09/30)
(NOTE : Consultation des versions antérieures à partir du 09-08-1990 et mise à jour au 08-07-2014)

Publication : 17-07-1964 numéro : 1964070106 page : 7818
Dossier numéro : 1964-07-01/02
Entrée en vigueur : 01-09-1964

CHAPITRE II. – Des décisions d’internement des inculpés en état de démence, débilité ou déséquilibre mentaux.

Art. 10. S’il résulte des débats devant la Cour d’assises que l’accusé paraît être dans un des états prévus à l’article premier, ou si l’accusé ou son avocat le propose, des questions subsidiaires sont posées au jury en ces termes : ” Est-il constant que l’accusé a commis tel fait qualifié crime ou délit? Est-il constant que l’accusé est, soit en état de démence, soit dans un état grave de déséquilibre mental ou de débilité mentale le rendant incapable du contrôle de ses actions? “!” En cas de réponse affirmative, la cour statue sur l’internement, conformément à l’article 7 de la présente loi [1 et à l’article 343 du Code d’instruction criminelle]1.
Lorsqu’il s’agit d’un crime ou d’un délit politiques ou de presse, l’internement ne peut être ordonné qu’à l’unanimité de la cour et des jurés.


Law of 2014-05-05.

Prison‑er ڡريسعن
Poison‑ed ڡعيسعن (the same term changing R/O)

It is an automatic and systematic judicial {illegal} system…

Like how the Nazi proceeded in second war at their internment camps by putting fluorine in water to disable the prisoners.

Here in Belgium they annex people who means in latin ad‑nex, inter‑nex, ad‑neco / necro {to nec / nek نكى / neq} :

– Definition from the French Gaffiot : put to death, kill, murder, especially without apparent physical wounding, quotidian / gradual / slow death, such as by poison or hunger…

At difference of direct execution…

A form of torture.

Covered & acted by the medical secrets services and psychiatrists {medictators} doctors {executors קטע קטל قطع قتل} working for the Intelligence & sectarial groups.


And saying to the world that there is no pain of death here (in Evrope and his capital)…

Officially in Europe there is no pain of death but in fact they annex (ad neco / nec / nex : slow death, retarding {mentally}, defering / transfering {abase from up to down}, degrading & deforming {physically}) secretly peoples in jails, special social defense centers and neuropsychiatric hospitals also called C.P.L. : Psychiatric Legal Center (incarceration / carcer : cancer), the judiciary medicinal assassination system (with carcinogen & teratogen substances, radioactive or toxic elements, pharmacia {ΦΑΡΜΆΚΙ} : poison in ancient Qregu also known as nerve agents)…

2018-04-17, 14:55 – Facebook profile (erased comment about “Le Monde” pain of death tweet).

But they never speak about that (annexation)…

Also Belgium is one of the few state where you can be interned because of abusive reason : dangerosity, who is hard to define and totally subjective…

Why someone who is a crook, or a thief, or a threater, or a debile, or a innocent falsely, fakely & wrongly ورعنگ accused is poly dangerous than someone who hijack car with gun, who sell gurd جَرّد / drug دَرِجَ, raped or killed someone ?

←⊖⊖⊖ gurd جورد {degradë, poisonë ڡعاِسعن सन सूना / (ΚΑ)ΦΑΡΜΆΚΙ [farmaki] كفر فارماکية (Coenic.)}
→⊕⊕⊕ drug دروج {tedargë, jopnsoë יעפנסע يعڡنسع / (ΚΑ)ΠΑΡΜΆΧΙ [parmaxi] כפר פרמכיה كڡر ڡارماخية (Ionic.)}

The first one are interned under psychiatric confinement and illegal treatments (Article 5 of UN Human Rights and Geneva Convention about use of Chemical Weapon) other condemned based on strange & hypocrite reasons, explained in the links put below…

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Article 5. No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading {गरद = गर गद रद} treatment or punishment.

It happen everyday in Belgium (and others fascist states, like Austria, Germany, the Netherlands {three ex‑nazi state}, Israel, Northern Ireland, Russia, Taiwan, Ontario (Canada), and the United States of North America, who are all known to not be example of peace‑pul states, just check their history…) and Belgium has been condemned many time by the European Court of Human Rights of Strasbourg for this.


They use for example substance with known toxic, teratogen, cancerous & lethal elements :

– Abilify (Chlorine : used in “mustard gas”)
– Haloperidol (Fluorine, Chlorine)
– Risperdal (Fluorine) {condemned in justice}
– Seroquel (Sulfurine) {condemned in justice}
– Xeplion Invega (Fluorine) {new version of risperdal}
– Clopixol (Chlorine, Sulfurine)
– Leponex
– Zyprexa (Sulfurine) {condemned in justice}


Check for complete list here :


With more side effects than any real healing ܚܠܝܡܐ…

In French or English medical language, they say :

  • “CURER” who is linked to Latin URO : to burn…
  • “TO SANE” / “SOIGNER” [suanje] who is linked to IGNIS अग्नि & SANA सन / SUNA सूना : fire, burn & kill.
  • “GUÉRIR” : who is a misspelling linked to GUERRE : war & ΓΕΡΟΣ [geros] : old…
  • “MEDECINE” but “‑CIN” can be ‑QIN קין or ‑GIN {ash, cinder} or ‑KIN who is linked to ‑CID : to kill, to cut.
  • “HEAL” היל who is linked to HELL הלל هلل (terror, fear) & ILL, again a misspelling…

So if you get under the hand of English or French doctors, know that their logic is false and you will be in real trouble and pain.

They should say :

  • “KYRE كۈر or KVRE كۋر”.
  • “SHUANIER  / CHUANIER / CHOINIER شوأنيه [ʃuanje]“.
  • “JVÉRIR ژۋارير” vrom “ЖИВЪ”.
  • “MEDÊKJNË” ܡܕܟ.
  • “HHEAL” חלים ܚܠܝܡܐ / “ĦÊAL”…

After accusing you of being psychotic, paranoic, dementic or schizophrenic (who are fake diagnostic, to justify their {eliminating / helming هلمات} actions)…

Degrading, sterilizing / castrating (no libido), demotivating (no idea, creativity, imagination, inventivity or inspiration), retarding (mentally), destructing their brains, deterioring & deforming peoples (physically), and handicapping them,
action that they call “defering & transfering” (reduce {fero} to fêrus / beast) who is the opposite of terfeing / terêfing طرف ترف عرف رفع رفه ܪܘܚܦܐ (elevate to highest level or cleverancy)… Not very philanthropic, I think.

Definitions of neuroleptic

noun. An anti‑psy poison (φαρμάκι).
noun. a pharmacy that depresses nerve functions; a major tranquilizer.
adjective. (chiefly of a pharmacy) tending to reduce nervous tension by depressing & reducing nerve functions.

Who is an effective violation of Geneva convention about detained of war and prisoners, chemical weapons and UN international human rights, you should all know about this…

Chemical Weapons Convention

Article II. Definitions and Criteria

2. “Toxic Chemical” means:

Any chemical which through its chemical action on life processes can cause death, temporary incapacitation or permanent harm to humans or animals. This includes all such chemicals, regardless of their origin or of their method of production, and regardless of whether they are produced in facilities, in munitions or elsewhere.

(For the purpose of implementing this Convention, toxic chemicals which have been identified for the application of verification measures are listed in Schedules contained in the Annex on Chemicals.)

So no, the Evropeans (Belgium, France, England, Dutch), N.A.T.O. members or North Americans don’t have right to criticize others states like Syria without any prove, and don’t have to give humanity lesson, since they also use everyday miniaturized anti‑personal Chemical weapons on individual of their own people & strangers {cibled targeting}, that they call insane, ill, crazy or sick…
A form of discrimination, depreciation, insult and calumny.

Even if I comprehend that mass weapons hurting kids, women and old peoples {indifferentiated targeting} are even worse and injust.

Still, if I believe the Belgian law (Loi de Principe), the punition for an accused (presumed innocent) or condemned (even if interned), is the “privation of liberty”, who is already hard enough, and not to be subjected to medical torture or experience with degrading pain‑pul chemical treatment.
Who are in any case illegal, based on international laws.



Ad‑d a Rë‑ply

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