2018‑04‑25 – 20H30 (UTC+1) : the psycho‑active drugs…

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Drugs in the Netherlands

When you smoke hashish or marijuana / sativa, who is a psychoactive drug دَرِجَ, you begin to be a spirit mental head (pasha, captain, admiral أمير, commander) and to psychically possess (inferior spirit ژان / minds ژني / mental : possessed مجنون / مملوك)…

The problem is that these guys (Dutch or north‑European) are not rightful, believer, perfect or saint, and in fact and to tell truth, they should not possess (telepathic, mind‑control & psychic influence), like how the nobles نبل نبه نبي, king or emperor influence & possess (it’s a esoteric occult secret but lot knows that secret because they have been)…

Against the strangers, the Dutch, Vlaams, Danish (Lundbeck), American (Johnson & Johnson), Russian, German, Belgian (Janssen Cilag), English (Astra Zeneca), French use & produce anti‑psychotic (cata‑leptic neuro‑leptic) pharmacy (ΦΑΡΜΆΚΙ : poison in Greek) to prevent the ability to possess and block your head & psychic force by entraving (restraining by отров [otrov]) neurons communications in the synapses, by reducing and partially blocking serotonin, adrenaline, dopamine, histamine, acetylcholine and other primordial neurotransmitter… Blocking your chakra चक्र, first the “crown” (Sahasrara सहस्रार) and also “third eye” (Ajna आज्ञा).

It’s an hypocrite system, and really, if I was you, I will not & never buy drug in Nederland, you will only have trouble with their (Nazi : national socialist) police at border or in your own land with the local judiciary system, who forbid use of drugs and who will degrade جَرّد गरद / transfer ܦܚܪ فحر فهر / therap ת‑ערף you saying you are psychotic…

Remember (psychic) possession is forbidden in many state… And also beginning to have psychic power (telekinesis, telepathy, climate control, influence) can cause you lot of trouble (psychosis) with the people around you, and those who are the regnant because you will enter in their sphere of influences, and they don’t like that.

Only rightful, clean, intelligent, faithful, beautiful, clever & honest people should possess…

And not the vicious, evil, dirty, nasty, cruel, depraved or wicked one.

Because they will transmit their soul / halo هالة / aura אור (radio‑light frequency specter) around, subjecting young and weak mind… Do you comprehend the problem ?

2018‑04‑29 – Post Scriptum :

2018‑08‑18 – Post Scriptum :



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