2018‑04‑29 – 15H00 (UTC+1) : Bosnia by Insider (Euronews French version), will renounce Bosnia to the EU, under Turkish and Arab influences ? #Euronews #Albania #Shqypni #Shqiperi #Kosova #Shkup #Turkey #Türkye #Arabia #Bosnia #Bosna #Macedonia

#Euronews #Albania #Shqypni #Shqiperi #Kosova #Shkup #Turkey #Türkye #Arabia #Bosnia #Bosna #Macedonia

Bosnia by Insider (Euronews French version), will renounce Bosnia to the E.U., under Turkish and Arab influences ?

I read this article and lot of opinions of its authors make me blench from my chair…

Dans cette émission, nous nous concentrons sur l’influence persistante de la Turquie moderne et celle, plus récente, des pays arabes du Golfe. La Bosnie est-elle sous leur effet, en train de s’éloigner de son histoire commune tout aussi importante avec l’Europe occidentale ? Et donc peut-être de son éventuelle adhésion à l’Union européenne ?
Empreinte turque, arabe et salafiste ?

She say that the Turkey and Arabic states have a persistent influence there (Islam).
What’s wrong with that ? Except for the French & English who fight Islam since 1000 years…

And that Bosnia is getting away from is common history with Europe ???
“Evrôpê” a Greek terms borrowed from Semitic (meaning Occident or hostage), having nothing in common with Bosnia history, since they are originally Slavs, coming from the north east and from the steppe of Russia…

Etymology from Wiktionary English :

Possibly from εὐρύς (eurús, “broad”) +‎ ὤψ (ṓps, “eye, face”), which may in turn be a secondary interpretation of a Semitic word for “sunset, west”; compare Aramaic ערובה‎ (ʿrōbā, “sunset, Sabbath eve”), Hebrew בֶּן‑עֲרֻבָּה‎ (ben‑aruboh, “hostages”), Classical Syriac ܥܪܘܒܐ‎ (aruba, “hostages”) or Hebrew מַעֲרָב‎ (ma‑ārov, “occident, west”), Classical Syriac ܡܰܥܪܒܐ‎ (ma‑arba, “occident, west”) & Arabic غَرْب‎ (gharb, “occident, west”).

What common history with European they are talking about ??? Christianity, Orthodoxy, Protestanty, Catholicy ? War ? Roman empire ? Greek / Byzantine Empire ? I don’t understand ?

First the Slavs, when arrived in Balkan started war with local peoples to gain territories, like Illyrians and Byzantines, taking their land step by step forming after some time the Bulgarian Empire & Serbian Empire

So no there is not common history or any friendship with “Evropa” (Greek term) since they fought one against other… And where in fact enemy…

After the article talk about the Turkish influence. What’s wrong with that ? All western state have also influence in Bosnia. I don’t see what is the problem for the French / English who make so much propaganda (in their media) and try to influence all Africa to keep their colonies… Since it’s the only place where remain their fading power, since India, China, expelled them 60 year ago… According to them, Arabs & Turks (culture) should disappear from there and may be from earth ! Irrational & crazy point of view.

Pour mieux comprendre la réalité des choses, notre reporter Hans von der Brelie est allé voir comment la sphère d’influence turque en Bosnie s’étend par le biais des médias et des agences de presse et dans l’éducation et comment par la même occasion, les autorités turques mènent des actions contre de présumés collaborateurs du mouvement Gülen qu’elles qualifient de “terroriste”.

Then they talk about Arabic investment to build mosques, again, what is the problem ? Cult liberty is a right of men, and it’s the Bosnian who want them since they believe in Odg עדג عدج عدگ عدڨ (Allah)…

Article 18 of Universal Human right (U.N.) :

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

And the authors complain (in the video) that in some place, they write in Arabic (in parallel with Cyrillic or Latin), well it’s normally not a problem for a Muslim, who should be able to read Semitic Arabic who is very useful to read the Quran first and make his salah. And Semitic Arabic is very practical to comprehend the code of vrithing, since characters have that code shown directly in the shape of the letters and in their diacritics & i’jams.

And they say they fear that this money will help to create terrorists, ok, we see the point here, for the Englishes / Frenches propaganda, Islam is always equal to terrorism, when Allah الله is the real opposite of Hell هَلَل (terror رهب, fear هلع)… According to this article and point a view, Turkey & Arabic states are financing global terrorism ? As I know all the weapons used by terrorists all around the world are made in Europe (France, England, Germany, Italy), Russia (ex‑soviet‑union) & USA…

The French / English propaganda is quite heavy… These boring colonialist of Africa, America, Australia, India, China, South‑Asia & Middle East are really annoying & disagreeable.

Nous découvrons aussi dans son reportage, les projets d’investissement d’ampleur des pays arabes du Golfe, mais aussi le financement de la construction de mosquées, les représentants des instances musulmanes de Bosnie assurant que celles-ci ne sont pas pilotées par des pays étrangers, mais bien placées sous le contrôle direct des autorités bosniennes.

Dans ce contexte, la crainte est grande de voir des flux financiers émanant de ces pays alimenter des groupes islamistes radicaux de Bosnie. Au centre culturel Roi Fahd de Sarajevo, financé par l’Arabie saoudite, on nous assure écarter les éléments les plus extrêmes.

Mais à l’échelle du pays, des communautés salafistes se sont implantées dans des secteurs ruraux isolés où elles édictent leurs propres règles. Reste que ceux qui pourraient passer à des actions violentes sont étroitement surveillés, affirment les services de sécurité bosniens et en parallèle, les efforts de la communauté musulmane de Bosnie pour intégrer les communautés salafistes dans les structures officielles ont été probants, nous dit-on.

They talk after about fearing that Bosnia will get away from E.U. (like how U.K. have done it, to recover their sovereignty), and found some view concording with their overdone thoughts. Bosnia has never been in history part of the west, and was always on the side of the east & orient…

La perspective d’une adhésion à l’UE s’éloigne-t-elle ?

En fin d’émission, nous recueillons l’éclairage d’Esref Kenan Rasidagic, professeur de relations internationales à l’Université de Sarajevo. Il estime que son pays pâtit des actions menées sur le territoire bosnien par les autorités turques contre le mouvement Gülen qualifié de “terroriste” par Ankara.

De son côté, la politologue bosnienne Lejla Ramić-Mesihović craint que cette nouvelle donne n’amène la Bosnie à se détourner de l’Europe. Pour elle, “l’intégration européenne ne sera pas finalisée” sans l’adhésion de son pays à l’UE.

My conclusion is that strangely the English (article) version don’t mention all of these informations, but the French does (Article), and both videos to, what are they trying to do, nothing good in any case…

The roots of faith are strong (Abraham, Noah, Isaac, Ismael, Jacob, Moses, Jesus, Muhamed…) and it’s not the mirage of E.U. and his not applied “human rights” that will remove the believe of this peoples for a religion who is true & right.
Whatever the anti‑theist French or English say.


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