2018‑05‑04 – 12H05 (UTC+1) : La Libre Belgique – Therapeutic Cannabis.

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Some day ago, the Belgian police were happy to stop & arrest a group of Albanians & Italians dealers, having 25Kg of (illegal) Cannabis, calling them “Mafia”

Today I read the news, and in Limburg (Belgium), they (Rendocan) plan to produce 5 tonnes of it, legally, for therapeutic uses ??? For cancer patients I suppose.

What kind of hypocrisy is this ?

According to the article the minister of sanity have to change the law, to make this legal…

But the building project for the center of production & research is already accepted…

If I was Albania & Italy, I will make the production & selling legal to, to prevent peoples from these states to suffer in jail & prison, because of injust laws…

2018‑05‑15 : Post Scriptum (Canada legalization plan) :

2018‑08‑12 : Post Scriptum (Lebanon legalization plan) :



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