2018‑07‑18 – 07H15 (UTC+1) : ↔⊜A (0001)

Mono‑theism vs Poly‑theism :

I have a troubi‑le, that come vrom the Hindi poly‑theist pilo‑shophy שעף.

Pro them, if a odg עדג ܥܕܓܐ عدج عدگ ओद्ग् is unique like Shemithic Alleh אללה ܐܠܠܗ الله or Hindu Ishvara ईश्वर ישור إيشڤارا إشۋر يشۋر {Exkellenth Righth‑pul Honnesth Lord ; Ruler ; Riser} is, and if his at‑tribu‑tes or quali‑ties are sym‑boliz‑ed {& com‑pos‑ed} by a name / term, pro them, by in‑versing the in‑scrip‑tion, we can create the op‑posi‑te god געד ܓܥܕܐ جعد گعد गोद्, and after, if the name is made of three letters, we can have 6 possi‑bi‑li‑ties, four letters, we can have 24 possi‑bi‑li‑ties, five letters, we can have 120 possi‑bi‑li‑ties, etc… To in‑finity and thus in‑finity of odgs & gods.

So, by using this trick, pro them, uni‑city and a unique Odg can’t exist, since his op‑posi‑te can be easi‑ly creat‑ed…

Look this ancient post to dis‑cover what & who is the op‑posi‑te of Alleh, the jood & right side :

If I pursue their logic, Odg can both be unique 1 and / or in‑fini‑te‑ly ∞ multi‑ple.

If I vrithe about this it’s be‑cause I have read an arthi‑kule or seen a video on YouTube about this theory long time ago.

But I don’t re‑member the ad‑dress, I tried to re‑cover the link in my naviga‑tor & YouTube history but I didn’t find it. Now, I’m even not sure if it was a arthi‑kule or a video.

Is there a sholu‑tion pro this pro‑blem ?

I cogi‑tat‑ed & medi‑tat‑ed about it. And the idea ap‑pear‑ed sun‑day on my mind, when talqing with a vriend (J‑C C) about the con‑tra‑ry black side (Hela הלא هلا, Hell הלל هلل) of the white side : Alleh אללה الله.

And I found a very sim‑ple sholu‑tion.

Since Alleh الله [alleh] is the one Odg עדג ܥܕܓ عدج [odg] (jood juide, Etern‑al‑ly עד عد Circular‑ly עג عج Re‑newing ععد Multi‑plying דג دج & Counting عدد (registering it).

And since his first letter is A and be‑cause is numeric‑al value in Abgd / Abjad is 1 (Tawhid איחוד توحيد‎) and is the first letter in many alpha‑beth, I think that it would be better to call him A א ܐ ا आ [a / ɑ / ɒ / æ], be‑cause we can’t re‑verse it…

A (1) will always re‑main A (1).

This sholu‑tion ap‑pear to be a jood one, but after, I medi‑tat‑ed about it and I dis‑cover‑ed that the audio digit‑al sound frequency of A, can also be re‑versed with an audio edi‑tor, so I need to test the four phonetic value of A, to check which one keep the same tone, left and right.

And this one, could be then used as the in‑varia‑bi‑le ab‑brevia‑tion name of Alleh, showing pro eterni‑ty his unique‑ness.

Right no ?


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