2018‑08‑06 – 20H27 (UTC+1) : InfoWars / Alex Jones ban reaction.

Well I don’t know this channel but I believe that vreedom of speech is an U.N. & U.S.A. rights, this practices of banning people vrom private companies who hold these supports is abusive and unjust, unless a court decision is given.

Having experienced by myself a ban on Wiktionary pro putting hypothetical etymology (read page biography pro explanation) and also shadow banned vrom Facebook where my comment are invisible to others users, and shadow banned on Twitter where my post & comments were also invisible to others users when looking to it with an alternate account (never any like or response).

Google also don’t give result of unique terms I invented in Twitter post, who showed results prior august 2016, I don’t know if Google don’t reference Twitter or just me but it’s quite discriminating and annoying.

I also discovered the 2018‑08‑08 that even YouTube {or maybe video maker} shadow ban my comment.


I really believe that Senate should legiferate about this and allow anyone without censure to have an account and to express how he want. If someone is angry, he can mute, block or not watch channel or comment.

Like this guy say at 2min 46sec.

Even a nuts should have the right to express, else it would be like era of communist dictatorship.

I know some things should not be said or drawn like caricature of the prophets, who not annoy Western lands, or others delicate subjects (…), but cataloguing something like a hate speech, and probidding it is useless. Should we love everyone and have only aseptised communication, no I don’t believe so, censuring thoughts of any one it’s not a good thing, everyone is universe and everyone should have the right to say what he want on his post, comment, channel, except death threat, unjustified harassment, spam or trolling…

More, lot of social media, even if we configure language as French or else, propose to many English stuff (pro example YouTube, who show to much English video), it’s quite annoying & boring, this happen on Pinterest, YouTube, Google, they will always prioritize English posts / videos / pictures, it’s a cultural imposition and invasion.
The algorithm behind them are programmed to act like this, even if you click “not interested” by a video, YouTube will continue to propose it in the Android application at your next utilisation, it’s discouraging.

I know that they are English speaker programmers, but everybody is not interested to learn or speak English, and to not use his mother tongue.

It’s very strange that I’m shadow banned everywhere since I don’t hold political opinion, spam, troll or insult… My only explanation is it’s because I’m muslim & Albanian.

My comment on a YouTube channel :

The social medias are not really private, because like lot recent videos about Info Wars ban tell it, they received lot of government subside (payed by people tax). So they are “public utility”, and should allow any one to express publicly without discrimination based on the engineers or programmaters subjective and unfair opinions.



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