2018‑08‑08 – 21H30 (UTC+1) : YouTube video hidden comment {ghost shadow ban}.

I received yesterday a video proposition, on YouTube android application.

I looked it and I made a comment.

Strangely nobody reacted to it, so I checked if my comment appears or not while unlogged, and no it’s hidden, invisible.

I don’t know if it’s YouTube or the Channel owner who hided it. But I want to publish it here to keep trace of this event. I suspect ghost / shadow ban, since even in FaceBook, Twitter my comment not appear when unlogged or using family or vriends account and nobody reacts to it (like, response).

The link of the comment is :


The video : 666 Revealed! (The Mark of The Beast {ΘΗΡΙΟΥ [θɛʀiu]} Decoded) :

My comment :

It’s ridiculous and wrongful since “final noun” value is (700) [9m05s], so if you remove it from Hebrew writing it doesn’t make (616) {666 − 700 = −34}. The first calculation (666) is completely false to, because “final noun” have (700) value {= 1316} and not (50) [9m12s].

Greek had gematry (isopsephy) to, and in that case, you should addition value E (5) and O (70) that NERON have, and the two A (1) and one I (10) of KAISAR… Kaisar in Greek use kappa (20) but in your calculation in Hebrew you use Q (100), this is only corrupted adaptation to credit & justify this video illogical thesis.

I know Hebrew is a different type of writing, but your theory pro me, is totally wrong. Since the evangel use the Greek script.

Also it’s not 6 6 6, but 666 (ⅮⅭⅬⅩⅥ) described as ΧΞϚ [xsst] and could also be with old ancient Greek value : PHI KSI DIGAMMA or WAU, so →⊕⊖⊖ ΦΞϜ [fsv] فسۋ / ←⊖⊖⊖ ΞΦϜ [sfv] سفۋ or →⊕⊕⊕ ΦΞͶ [fsw] فسو / ←⊖⊖⊖ ͶΞΦ [wsf] وسف {but pro me Pamphylian digamma or wau or alternate ypsilon Υ have (500) value}.

The sixth letter of Hebrew is Waw or Vav, so six six six can be WWW, world wide web והב وهب internet, that will not allow to buy anything unless you use his digital money. And that is the mark of the “beast”, the biochip that they will insert in us.
But as I said previously, it’s 666 {six hundred sixty six ←⊖⊖⊖ ͶΞΜ וסם وَسْم [wsm]} and not 6 6 6 {ווו}, who are totally different.

This is not a prediction come true, but only result of actions of stupid followers of a doctrine, who create things & objects using the number or code in the prediction, to tell that it happens today, by following an precise agenda, and applying the scripture. These peoples are so debiles. Like the inventors of bar (UPC) code who highlight the three 6 bars and presenting it as the mark of the beast…

←⊖⊖⊖ SymBolic {←⊖SML ܣܡܠܐ in Aramaic mean left or dark درك kadr كدر side, in Islam Hell هَلَل is darakat دركة}
←⊖⊖⊖ DiaBolic {←⊖DBL : Debil دابة هبل}
←⊖⊖⊖ Samael סמהל سمهل समल {←⊖SML}
←⊖⊕⊖ Satan ܣܛܢܐ
←⊖⊕⊖ Destin دهسطاِن
←⊖⊖⊖ Devil دهۋاِل
←⊖⊖⊖ Demon دهمعن {Doom (En.) Damno (La.) Denim (Sq.)}
←⊖⊖⊖ Death دهاث
←⊖⊖⊖ MaleVolent {Malus (La.)}
←⊖⊖⊖ Malik مالك {Wangel guardian جَرّد of Inferno Hell هَلَل}
←⊖⊖⊖ Mark मरक {America}


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